Saturday, April 12, 2014

Big Fish

Free Kindle (April 12, 2014 until April 16, 2014 ). 

Review of Big Fish By P.S. Winn: Cute story with simple drawings that hold the imagination. I believe Ahmad is worried about our world and what is happening to it. The concern comes out in this charming story. With each book I read I believe the stories get better. Good job!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The disaster of the interpretation

This picture belong to SOCHI in Russia. The picture says us some things that are so important in our world:
1- We as human, an animal on two legs, are creatures who predict anything might be happened on the future: Maybe the toilet pipe is being taken when we are emptying our abdomen. At the sensitive time, we can not repair the problem,  but we can use another toilet.
2-The picture show us, the human is a most loveed creature on the earth, and even when a lever wants to go to toilet the another lover go with him(her) to toilet if even he(she) has not toilet work!
3-“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Therefore, any human has the right uses toilet when he(she) needs it! maybe I want to go to toilet at the same time that you will do it. What will happen at the time? Must I go to toilet or you?! I have the right go to toilet because I have to do it, but you need to do it, too. After this we do not have the such problem because we can go to toilet together. (Please note that at our times, we can not make two toilet in our homes becuase we have just a small apartment.)
The three interpretation show us the big fact: We live at the time that we can justify anything with our interpretation even if the thing be a disaster, like genocide! even in the name of human right!
You can read the graphic novel and see what happened to human during the thousand years. Now the book is free on Amazon:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Abraham Lincoln X Nelson Mandela = Abraham Mandela
One, Who does the best fight, makes the best peace

The son of Upward Lying Line said: I do not know why! But, I never forget this important point: Most of the people fight for their needs, not for freedom. Also, people who get their wishes by war, will strongly resist any limitation of their power. I read many books, and I know that most  liberals have become terrible dictators, because they fought for their own needs, in the name of freedom, but not for freedom.

Just once I read that a creature called ManMandelaMan fought for freedom. I wish it to be true; of course, I do not know whether this creature was man or woman, surely it was not a number. The myth says it was a Mankindman, but I do not yet know this creature, Mankindman!  What I read told me that the Mankindman is a strange creature which stand on to legs. It seems to be a man from both sides; maybe all sides are man! I am amazing how the creature has not female! I am suspicious to the creature!

Oh, I forgot to mention ManLincolnMan, who has often been forgotten by many freedom lovers, even by ManMandelaMan. Many people make a mistake about him; ManLincolnMan did not fight for the emancipation of slaves, he fought for a union that based freedom in the world of the Mankindman. A union in which the emancipation of slaves was only one of its great achievements. Oh, my God, how can we so easily forget him?! I think ManLincolnMan , everyday, become the victim of the poor’s hate. Also must say that the freedom lover, everyday, is sacrificed by the rich to mislead the poor.

ManLincolnMan was not killed once but he is killed every day by both the poor and the rich. Hate + Abuse = Forget.

Infact, when we think or write about ManMandelaman, can do not to think or write about ManLincolnMan, and unlike. ManLincolnMan is the soul of the white manhuman(Superego), and ManMandelaMan is the black manhuman’s soul(superego). The problem is here we can not develop anything without the black’s conscience, and we can not get anything without the white’s conscience, so I love ManAbrahamMandelaMan.
But still I have a big problem with the creature who walk on two legs, How the creature has not any woman! How does the creature create a baby? Still I am so amazing; I am suspicious to the creature.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

جەنگی جیھانی سێھەم نزیکە!

گەر لات وایە پەرەسەندنی راستی رادیکاڵ لە ئەورووپا شتێکی ئاساییە، ھەڵەیت. لە واقعدا پەرەسەندنی راستی رادیکاڵ لە ئەورووپا گەڕانەوەیەکی دیکەی مرۆڤە بۆ سەراتا ئینسانیەکان، ئەو خاڵە جەوھەریانەی کە پێیەوە لە دایک دەبین. لە راستیدا کابرای ئەورووپایی ئەم پرسیارە لە خۆی دەکات؛ بۆچی من ئیزن بەدەم کابرایەکی بیانی(بەتایبەت موسڵمان) بێتە وڵاتی منەوە؟ ئەم پرسیارە رەمەکی نیەو ئەساسێکی راستەقینەی ھەیە. چۆن؟

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The interview with Ahmad Amani By Simone Da Costa

Ahmad Amani

 Author, Journalist, Writer

 Ahmad is from the Middle East, the world of 'to be or not to be,' where the third way, democracy, isn't for mankind—at least for now it isn't.
He is a graduate of the Art University in Tehran. He have worked for many newspapers in Iran.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

بۆشایی، پواز، تاوان؛ بێگانە
ئەحمەد ئەمانی
Göbekli Tepe, is an archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey

ئەمە وێنەی “گوبەکلی تەپە”یە لە کوردستانی تورکیا، مێژووی بۆ ١٠ھەزار ساڵ پێش دەگەڕێتەوە. رەنگە یه‌که‌مین پەرستگای دەستکردی مرۆڤ بێت، گابەردی تێدایە کێشی دەگاتە ٢٠ تۆن!

بڕوانە چۆن ھاوشێوەی کونەمێروله‌ سازیان کردوە، واتا ئەم بینایە ئاشکرا ھاوار دەکات؛ “دەتەوێت لە ناخم چێژ بەری؟ وا بە ئاسانی نیە، دەبێت ببیتە ناسراوی شاراوەی دەروونم!”

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Math City is a completely original story...

Math City  was reviewed by V.Cano: This was a completely original story that had surprised pretty much on every page. Although it might not be for everyone, people who like quirky books will enjoy it. 

All the characters in this book were numbers. The smaller the number the less important the character was, and vice versa. I thought this was a clever way of showing us who was who. Although we don't really get to know the characters too much, we still get to know the Lying Line and a few others. 

You can read on the post, Please continue the reading: